| 21 May 2024
RJ Praveen hosts RED FM new story-telling venture 'Short-cuts'

MUMBAI: Storytelling and radio have been well connected since the inception of radio. The listeners love listening to unique and meaningful stories, which have a great message to it. Over the years, the process of storytelling took new looks. And, the latest addition to this is Short-cuts by RED FM.

Well, the makers of RED FM have launched a very interesting concept. This is not an ordinary story-telling show.

“Stories have always been connected to the audience, so thought of getting one show back on the same, but with a different format. So Short-cuts was the idea because time is running too fast and people have no time for attentive listening for an hour or so,” says the narrator, RJ Praveen.

Short-cuts is a small two-minute segment, where RJ Praveen, from RED FM Kolkata, will narrate the story based on real-life incidents.

“Basically the story will be fictional while the plot will be based on a real-life story. We have worked on the story backwards. This segment has no time limit and it will be played around 10-12 times a day. But I must say, these stories will leave the listeners with a thought and speechless at the end,” Praveen adds.

Commenting on the programme RED FM COO Nisha Narayanan says, “Story-telling and audio narratives are back with a bang and listeners are looking forward to exciting storytelling formats on radio. With, our previous storytelling programmes like Ek Kahani Aisi Bhi and The Headphone Show being widely appreciated by our listeners, we thought of innovating in the storytelling format with Short-cuts. With most listeners running behind their busy schedules, this time we have tweaked the story-telling format to a swift one, accompanied by short films for every story on the digital platform. The two minutes stories will have twisted and exciting endings.”

A team of five works on these stories at the Kolkata station, which is, then, shared to all RED FM stations. Stories are worked on each day and by the end of the week, there are eight story ideas, out of which, the top three are selected. Every Monday, three new stories are released on-air, which is on rotation for the entire week.

The stories will not just be limited to the audio vision. Interestingly, the stories will also have a visual format, where the entire plot is enacted and is available on RED FM’s Facebook page.

It’s been four weeks since the segment has begun and the response is amazing. There are listeners sharing their stories to RED FM and Praveen, via, Facebook, is asking them to get featured.