| 22 Jul 2024
Khoobsurat 'Afwaah'- an awakening initiative by MY FM

MUMBAI: MY FM spread a rumour on-air, wherein they had announced that people can get fairer skin in less than seven days and new product is launched by Bollywood actress Simran Batla. RJs picked up the content on-air across all shows and a lot of listeners registered to get this hamper free of cost. Finally, a few selected listeners were called to MY FM office on 21 July.

MY FM team revealed that their activity was alluring and khoobsurat but the ‘Afwaah’ is not that appealing. The motive of the channel was to spread the message of not believing every forward or message that comes on Whatsapp or any social media platform. It is essential to check the authenticity of the message before forwarding it ahead.

As a token of love and affection towards the radio station, The RJ gifted the listeners who had come to the studio with gifts and asked them not to spread ‘Afwaah’ and instead pin your ears back to good music and information which is relevant.

Commenting on the initiative MY FM Business Head Rahul Namjoshi said, “MY FM always believed in doing things in a different way and blending the current affairs along with doing fun activities with a lesson to educate people. Khoobsurat ‘Afwaah’ has been one such step in taking this at the forefront.”

Sharing similar sentiments MY FM National Programming Head Vinay Manek remarked,Whatsapp and digital medium are in the news lately for the wrong reason. People blindly believe and share content without validating it. Keeping this in mind, we wanted to take this across to our listeners and wanted to spread awareness in them via our campaign ‘Wah Khoobsoorat’. The core idea behind the campaign was to not believe in rumours and check on the authencity of the messages before sharing it. We are glad that this small activity has helped us in dispersing this significance to the masses.”