| 19 Jun 2024
BIG FM initiates Khali Pet, enlightenÆs Right to Food on Human Rights Day

MUMBAI: BIG FM on the occasion of ‘Human Rights Day’ will launch a unique initiative ‘Khali Pet’. This week-long activity aims at spreading awareness among the citizens around the long-standing issue of hunger and malnutrition in the country and impressing the fact that Right to Food still remains the most basic Human right. In its endeavour to help bring about a change in the existing situation, BIG FM will create a high decibel impact through a dedicated musical rendition ‘Khali Pet’. The song will be sung by a group of children and composed by renowned music director Ravi Singhal. It will be released in December on-air, along with the launch of the music video on the digital platforms of the network.

The entire activity will revolve around enlightening listeners with the context of Human Rights Day, right to food and BIG FM’s initiative. BIG FM MJs will help shape the opinions of the citizens by educating them about the steps they can take to contribute towards resolving the issue of hunger. BIG FM will urge the listeners to join the cause by adopting practices such as avoiding food wastage, regularly donating food at NGOs, creating social communities to organise food donation drives for the underprivileged children and, sponsoring a child’s meal in a government school etc.

The theme of the song will direct the thoughts of the citizens towards the need to fight hunger and malnutrition and contribute to the development of the nation. The song through its lyrics will bring to the attention of the citizens the fact that the country can’t progress unless the future generation is devoid of their basic right to food. With an objective to put across this notion strongly, the song will be captured in the voice of the children, the future of the country, and will feature them in its music video.

Speaking about the initiative, BIG FM spokesperson said, “Occasions such as ‘Human Rights Day’ give us an opportunity to look around and reflect upon the issues that need our attention. As a responsible media platform, it is our constant endeavour to help citizens introspect about the matters of concern and be an enabler of change. Khali Pet and its theme song clearly puts across the point that we are trying to make about the issue of hunger prevalent in India serving as an obstacle to its growth. By placing it on our engagement rich platforms such as on-air, digital and social media we ensure that we are reaching out to a larger group of audience and provide maximised reach to our partners.”