| 21 Jun 2024
RJ Abhimanyu takes over RJ Nasar on 'Naughty Nights'

MUMBAI: RJ Nasar, best known for his Naughty Nights show on Red FM has now been replaced with a new RJ. RJ Nasar who was with RED FM since 2011 has moved out since last month. Currently, Nasar has no clarity as to what will be his next step, but he is surely enjoying the vacation mode.

Naughty Nights will surely miss Nasar but let's welcome the new RJ in the station. He is RJ Abhimanyu, known to be the super cool guy who's done it all. His goal today is to share his level of maturity by hosting an interactive night show for those who have no one to speak with or vent out their day-to-day frustrations. He wins hearts when he speaks, and wins the world when he sings and plays his guitar! Goes by the meaning of his name Abhimanyu which means a ‘Hero’ who can transform your boring dull nights into Naughty Nights.

The new joinee was warmly welcomed by RED FM and Vidya Balan who is playing the role of an RJ in her upcoming release Tumhari Sullu. Vidya Balan showed some real acting skills while playing a fun prank on the newbie RJ. When RJ Abhimanyu cheekily asked Vidya Balan to share one naughty conversation, she pretended to get cold feet, feeling offended with this kind of a question. Meanwhile, the programming head and manager were called in by Vidya to take a stock of this offensive question by the RJ. Amidst this mayhem when RJ Abhimanyu’s forehead had beads of sweat thinking he would lose his job, Vidya decided to break the tension. She held up a ‘Welcome to RED FM’ placard for RJ Abhimanyu. Guess who’s the prankster now?