| 18 Apr 2024
MY FM initiates 'Chalo Baccho Ki Sunte Hai' campaign against child abuse

MUMBAI: Crime has become a part of our daily routine and we usually tend to gulp it down with the sip of our tea. We have not only turned insensitive but immune to these events because you hear it so often. But, a recent event shook the entire nation. Ryan International School based in Noida was under highlight for a student being killed by the bus driver in the school washroom. Keeping the child’s safety under consideration, MY FM took an initiative for the safety and securities of the students while travelling to school and back home.

The campaign called Chalo Baccho Ki Sunte Hai was a weeklong campaign started on 11 September. During this, the MY FM RJ’s spoke to the government and private authorities, parents, callers to discuss aspects of the recent child abuse case and educate public on Child Abuse and Safety. 

Maneka Gandhi an Indian Union Cabinet Minister for Women and Child Development was interviewed to know her views about the incidents taking place with children along with safety measures to be taken.

During the first two days of the campaign, RJ Meenakshi boarded around three to four buses from Sector 44 of Chandigarh to check the buses securities. It resulted in lack of security, as proper check and safety are not being assured by schools and also police verification of the staff is done at select schools. Keeping this as the focal point in the coming days the RJs through this campaign will try and aggressively edify parents on the matter of safety of children in schools and implementation of existing guidelines to protect school-going children from offenses like sexual abuse and murders across the country and to make children aware of good and bad touch.

Lastly, the on-air interview with a child psychologist focused on speaking with the kids, how they should be approached, how their fears should be dealt with, various checks to put in place for child safety, etc.

Commenting on the campaign, MY FM ?chief programming officer Viplove Gupte said“Increasing incidents of violence and sex crimes with children in school is the reason why MY FM wishes to make the parents aware of the problem that has been lurking in the dark. Recent incidents in Delhi and many unreported crimes done in school are on the rise, and apart from increased surveillance and installing checks and balances, one of the points we wanted to raise and make people aware about was "The role of parents in rearing up of their child". Why is it important to talk to your child instead of staying glued to screens of TV or mobile phones, why is it important to spend time with your child, why is it important to understand the child psychology and many such questions are being answered. We have always spoken to eminent speakers like Maneka Gandhi/ Kailash Satyarthi/ Manish Sisaudiya about school reforms. We intend to bring out all fears of parents and share them with the school authorities and the government so appropriate steps can be taken and for that, involving listeners to have a dialogue with DM and other authorities, providing a list of probable solutions which will at least help in reducing the possibility of occurrence of such crimes.”