| 15 Apr 2024
Fever FM launches 'Mad Mornings' with RJ Prithvi

MUMBAI: According to RAM 2017, Fever FM Banglore has been the undisputed no. 1 station in Banglore in the non-Kannada space for over five years and today towers above all with 14 per cent market share and a reach of over 21 lakhs. To continue their positioning and keep entertaining the listeners, Fever FM Banglore has come up with a new morning show.

Fever FM’s Mad Mornings show drives on the core thought ‘Madness can only be cured with madness’. With this show Fever FM launches its new RJ Prithvi, Bangalore Ka Bond on Mad Mornings at 7 am. RJ Prithvi brings all new flavour to the morning show with his energy and excitement.  The show is classy and cool yet local and humour driven, and has a unique investigative, fun filled format with segments like ‘Bond Bulletin’ and ‘Prithviki Hindi abhi bhi chindi’. It is the perfect adrenaline dose for the Bangalore residents as they begin their mornings.

The station leads across shows with RJs that capture the pulse of the city. The Super Hero Show with RJ Sriram is the evening drive time show on Fever FM Bangalore and has consistently maintained the number one position across RAM Charts (amongst the non-Kannada radio stations) for over 200 weeks.

Commenting on the launch, HT Media Ltd CEO- Radio and Entertainment Harshad Jain said, “Fever FM is the destination station in Bangalore with Bollywood, innovative content and entertainment as key pegs. Fever FM Banaglore has always been at the front end of innovation and has many firsts to its credit including the first ever Swayamvar on Radio, Radio Dramas that explored crime and horror genres (Kya WohSachTha) and unique initiatives such as the travel of RJ Sriram from Bangalore to Wagah on Independence day amongst many others. Morning is a very important time band and we are pleased to launch Mad Mornings with RJ Prithvi, Bangalore Ka Bond. We are sure the show will provide a lively and entertaining start to the day for our listeners who have made us the No. 1 Bollywood station in Bangalore.”