| 16 Jun 2024
Big FM's 'Appudu Hit Ellappudu Hit,' brings best of Telugu and Hindi Music

MUMBAI: Big FM, has refreshed its stationality in Hyderabad with a strategy to curate bilingual content for a multi-culture driven market. Striking a local connect with the tagline ‘Appudu Hit Ellappudu Hit’, which translates to ‘Hit The Hit Rahenge’, Big FM Hyderabad will bring the best of both Tollywood and Bollywood music from the 80s to early 2000 on one single frequency. Versatility and positivity will form the core of the radio station’s renewed positioning in the city, which reflects strongly in its localized content backed by intensive research. Listeners in Hyderabad will now enjoy both, Telugu and Hindi Music on a single radio station.

An impressive line-up of shows will ensure that Big FM engages its listeners in Hyderabad at varying points of time throughout the day. Catering to early morning risers who like to begin their day with peace and tranquil, the show ‘Subharambam’ will rejuvenate the spirits of these listeners from 5 am to 7 am. RJ Shehkar Basha, a recipient of 17 prestigious India Radio Forum awards, will bring out the true vibe of the city with ‘Salaam Telangana’ from 7 am to 11 am. The show will directly connect with the dreams and aspirations of Hyderabadis by helping them embrace a new day with positivity. ‘Retro Talkies’ with RJ Swapna from 11 am-2 pm will set a soothing mood for the rest of the day with the choicest range of versatile Telugu music.

Hyderabad’s popular RJ duo, RJs Krish and Grace, will connect with listeners from 2 pm-5 pm through ‘BIG Pop Corn’. This light-hearted show dealing with the world of films will help ease the stress during the peak afternoon time-period. As part of its repositioning, the radio station will live up to its promise of offering innovative content with story-telling at its heart. An original satirical series called ‘Billa Ranga’, which ran as an interstitial for five years and won the hearts of Hyderabadis will now be expanded into a full-fledged series to enthrall listeners between 5 pm – 7 pm. Owing to its previous successful format, the characters have already built a fan base since every local listener relates with Billa and Ranga. The entertaining series will revolve around everyday conversations between two fictional characters, based on latest happenings in the city.

A bevy of national award-winning shows such as ‘Suhaana Safar with Annu Kapoor’, celebrity RJ show ‘#Salim’ with Salim Merchant, and its most heard ‘Lamhe with Mantra’ will ensure that the radio station carries forward its legacy of providing differentiated content with unique story-telling formats. With its spellbinding shows and engaging content, Big FM will resonate with the tastes of eclectic listeners in the market drawn towards both Hindi and Telegu music.

Speaking on the re-launch, a spokesperson from Big FM said, “Our strategy is to strengthen our position as the most heard radio station in a multi-faceted dominant market like Hyderabad by ensuring a good mix of Hindi and Telugu music on a single frequency. This, along with localized shows and innovative formats will work as a major differentiator for the network. This transformation into a bilingual format will consolidate our diverse listener base in the city in a way that will bring immense value and benefit to our advertisers and stakeholders.”