| 24 Feb 2024
RJ Naved moves 'Mirchi Murga' to 'The Naved Khan Show'

MUMBAI: Radio Mirchi's RJ Naved best known for his 'Mirchi Murga' is now entertaining listeners in the morning show. The new show named ' The Naved Khan Show' is on-air since 1 May 2017.

Before programming the content for the show, RJ Naved observed the morning shows on other FM channels. He noticed that the show contains serious news, hence he was sure of not having such content on his show.

I make sure that I update my listeners with the serious news but in a humorous way. My show runs on a simple formula, that is, 80 per cent of the show makes people laugh while 20 per cent is dedicated to delivering important information. I keep interacting with my listeners. I believe that we should not increase boredom by preaching but sharing information with a tweak of humour always helps, " said RJ Naved.

The show completed a month yesterday (1 June) and the team says the response has been very positive. "It has been a month now and I have realised that I am on the right track. I say this because people all across the city have been coming forward to support the show on-air. The listeners anyway get to know about news from either television or digital platform, I am not their newsfeed. Listeners say they come to me because they can connect with someone like them, can identify themselves with me and I can make them laugh on the way to their workplace. And that's a big compliment for an RJ," RJ Naved added.

Coming to a conclusion on the name of the show was a task for Radio Mirchi. The programming team did deliberately think before deciding to get Naved from the evening to the morning show. “Naved is undoubtedly the biggest RJ in India, so for us, it was a no-brainer really. We had to get him in the morning eventually- it's like if you have a Virat Kohli in your team, you will have him as your opener. So for us at Radio Mirchi Delhi, Naved is our opener - the morning jock. He sets the tone for the rest of the day - which is all about music, laughter and listener connect,” said Radio Mirchi programming head Anindita Chatterjee.

"Launching and preparing for Naved's show was a big part of my job this year because after all, we were launching the biggest name in the industry in the mornings in Delhi. He is the one who first started doing pranks on radio. In fact, you hear so many of these prank formats now on every other station- the fact is, Naved is the guy who brought Mirchi Murga to every household," added Chatterjee

"Yes we did debate a lot on the show name. We had various options. Finally froze on The Naved Khan Show because the jock here is the biggest promise of the show, who in turn signify what the show stands for - a show which has the pulse of the city, is full of pranks, gags, and satires. So, if people say we want to listen to Naved, why not name the show 'The Naved Khan Show'," ended Chatterjee.'