| 18 May 2024
Radio Mirchi to cap inventory of existing radio stations to 15 minutes

MUMBAI: Radio Mirchi continued its association with GoaFest to present the third edition of the 'Radio Abby with Radio Mirchi' at GoaFest 2017 in Bambolim, Goa. During the event, Mirchi announced its strategies to cap inventory on all its stations at 15 minutes per hour, which is a considerable reduction from the earlier 22 minutes of advertising per hour that would play.

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The most general complaint radio listeners have against the medium is long ad breaks. This program of dropping advertising on its stations has been taken keeping in mind the listeners complaints. Capping advertising will signify improving the listener experience as fewer ads equal more music. Mirchi had already capped inventory on its newly launched stations at 10 minutes but this year, it will roll it out to the older stations in its network as well.

For the advertiser, this is great news as fewer ads per hour will mean the spots that play will not get lost in the clutter, which usually makes listeners tune out or switch stations. A new AV was unveiled by Mirchi during the event highlighting this aspect of the initiative, with the message ‘Kam Nahin, Khaas Hoga’.

Speaking on the occasion Radio Mirchi COO Mahesh Shetty said, “The Radio Abbys are a natural fit for the ‘Mirchi’ brand as this is a platform that recognises quality work done in radio advertising. This year we are undertaking this initiative of decreasing inventory across our Mirchi stations. This will improve the listener experience and is better for the advertiser as well. Less clutter means their message will reach the consumer who has not tuned out!”