| 22 May 2024
Big FM launches a late evening show for Kolkata listeners

MUMBAI: The radio industry seems to take 'love' as an important genre to engage with people and so we see a lot of radio stations coming up with special shows. One of them is a new launch of 92.7 Big FM an evening show for the Kolkata listeners addressing the issues related to love and relationship of all kinds.

The show titled 'Sudhu Dujoney' provides an emotional space to listeners where they can share their stories, worries, and queries associated with love and emotions. The show is hosted by RJ Chaitali who will act as a companion, a shoulder to depend on and lend her ears to everyone who shares their emotional stories forming an unbreakable bond.

The show will be aired every Monday to Sunday from 9 pm to 12 am. In sync with the theme, Bengali and Hindi romantic retro music from the retro era plays in-between adding to the flavor of the show.

Speaking on the new show, a spokesperson from 92.7 Big FM said, "Known for our diverse content, 92.7 Big FM has always come up with shows, which have been successful in winning a million hearts. Through this show we not only aim to entertain listeners, but also provide them emotional support with relationship counselling. We look forward to get a good response from the listeners and connect with them emotionally through this show."