| 21 Feb 2024
RJ Mantra returns to radio with Big FM's 'Lamhe with Mantra'

MUMBAI: Big FM offers its listeners a new show on this Valentine’s Day. Big FM is coming up with a unique offering for its listeners. The show will bring out charming stories where a listener can build a connection with. The two-hour show will be narrated by RJ Mantra from today at 9 pm, Monday to Friday in the Hindi speaking markets (HSM).

The show titled, ‘Lamhe with Mantra’, will bring out the romantic moments of one’s life that have turned into memorable and entertaining stories. The show is structured in a narrative and active radio drama format. The narrator and the male lead of the story will be played by RJ Mantra, whereas the female lead is performed by various voice artists.

Speaking on the occasion, the spokesperson from Big FM said, “92.7 Big FM being the custodian of creating amazing stories, we are bringing back RJ Mantra, the veteran radio personality to host the show. We have experimented with various formats and set benchmarks in the past. With this show, we aim to form a special connect with its listeners through heart-warming stories to which they can relate to. We look forward to repeating the same success again, and make it as big as our previous storytelling shows, like ‘Suhaana Safar’ and ‘Yadoon Ka Idiot Box’.”

On making a comeback on radio, actor and RJ Mantra said, “Radio has always been my first love, as it has given me so much in life. I was missing being on air and I'm thankful to Big FM for bringing me back and giving me this golden opportunity to do what I love. Through my new show ‘Lamhe’, I am living both my passions together- radio and theater, with dramatic play readings and storytelling on radio.”

Spinning around a storytelling format, the show's music flows in sync with the format will be spanning around the 80’s, 90’s and iconic 70’s. The music of the show has a sing-along and theater of mind value for a smooth listening experience. With ‘Lamhe with Mantra’, RJ Mantra is making a comeback to his first love ‘radio’.