| 23 Feb 2024
Red FM urges Bengalureans to voice concerns on civic issues withupcoming campaign 'D se Disha D se Digital'

MUMBAI:Each of us are connected digitally, but is your locality on a digital platform? This is the question Red FM is asking its listeners.In its latest initiative titled ‘D se Disha D se Digital’, which is on air from the 28 November, 2016, Red FM is attempting to unite the neighbourhoods in Bengaluru on one common platform. It strives to
connect residents across a verified Facebook group and help them raise concerns against issues ailing their respective localities.

Based on the philosophy of ‘Know Thy Neighbour’, Red FM is acting as a catalyst in gathering the localities on a single forum and in turn drawing the attention of various authorities, municipal bodies, hospitals, fire brigades, etc. and urging them to join the group, and help keep a check on the well-being of the locality.

Through this initiative Red FM is asking their listeners to create a unique Facebook group titled, the ‘name of the locality’ followed by 'The Original’, such as, Kanakpura – The Original, on-air and on WhatsApp . Renowned Red FM radio jockey Disha Oberoi is engaging the listeners, listing the many advantages of going digital together, and calling for their support in creating this unique group to unite everyone from that particular locality. To take it a step ahead, she
is also motivating them to rope in authorities from municipal bodies, police force, etc. in the same locality. This aims to give the locality a digital presence and a one stop forum to address civic issues.

Since, there might already exist a lot of such pages on Facebook, Red FM will renew activity on these pages again and re-direct their users to a single consolidated page. As a reward for their digital social service, Red FM is giving away 100 smart phones to the localities/people who have gone that extra mile to round up people on the group and acquired attention from government authorities as well.

To mark the presence of any local government authority on the page, Red FM will be hosting on-ground activities to spread awareness for this movement.

On 2 December, 2016 Red FM team went to Embassy Golf Links and had a robust interaction with the employees of the tech park, who were just too thrilled to walk away with the smart phone and agreed about getting their areas online.

On 7 December , they plan to visit the Karle Infra Tech Park and on the 9 December, Manyata Tech Park is on their list.

On the occasion of this initiative, Red FM coo, South, B. Surendar had this to say, “ Bengaluru is widely considered to be the digital capital of India . Through the ‘D se Disha , D se Digital’ CSR initiative, we at Red FM are trying to empower Bengalureans by highlighting the enormous improvement that can be brought about to their respective localities if they unite on the digital platform. We are helping them consolidate as well as popularise their area FB page with the objective of connecting people and finding solutions. Our morning show with RJ Disha Oberoi has been winning international awards and recognition for bajaoing important causes like these on a regular basis. Going by the initial response to this campaign from people , RWA’s & authorities , I am sure this will create some positive results for Bengaluru “

Radio Jockey Disha Oberoi, anchoring this initiative, had this to say, “We are the IT capital of India and we intend to retain that title rightfully. We as a dynamic team at Red FM are driven towards conversions, legit if I may add. The idea is, converting every area into a self-sufficient fully functional troubleshooting power house. A city with 11 million people from all over India – carries the spirit of an army of cheetahs! Since we’re a Bollywood super-hit radio channel, I’ll describe what I’ve been witness to in one word. From Aamir Khan’s new film D se Dangal – D se Dhaakad.”