| 12 Apr 2024
Red FM Siliguri RJs attempt of jumping the currency exchange queues

MUMBAI: The 500 and 1000 rupee notes, the pride of everyone's pockets have suddenly become untouchable. Everyone is in a hurry to get rid of them and this has lead to huge queues in front of the banks.

This situation gave birth to an experimentational idea in Red FM’s Siliguri’s office where RJ Mir, RJ Thiya, and RJ Priyanka planned to cut these never ending currency exchange lines. The plan was to give reasons that would help them skip the last place in the queue, but to their surprise nobody moved an inch. However, the RJs managed to make them laugh at the end of the expriment. They also gave the last person in the queue a gift hamper, to turn that frown into a smile.

Check their experiment here -

We assume that one wouldn’t mind helping if it isn’t about getting your notes exchanged first!