| 22 Jun 2024
ENIL to launch new channels - 'Mirchi Love' - in three existing markets

MUMBAI: On 5 September, three cities would welcome the launch of 'Mirchi Love' FM stations, the latest developments suggest. ENIL (Entertainment Network India Limited) informed BSE that the company will launch this channel in three existing markets – Ahmedabad, Surat and Jaipur.

The brand ‘Mirchi Love’ will be the company’s second set of FM stations, as Radio Mirchi would continue to function in these cities. Radio Mirchi programs at 98.3 frequency in these cities, however Mirchi Love will not possess the same frequency space - Ahmedabad (104 FM), Mirchi Love Jaipur (104 FM) and Mirchi Love Surat (91.9 FM).

With the launch of the three new channels, and Radio Mirchi finding new bases in Guwahati (April), Kochi (April) and Chandigarh (August), the company will be operating 44 channels in all. tried to contact the Radio Mirchi/ENIL team for further details, but the authorities remained unavailable. More updates to follow soon. Keep tracking this space.