| 29 Sep 2023
BIG FM Chennai helps you with - How to take leave for 'Kabali'

MUMBAI: The Thalaiva fever has gripped the entire nation and how. Everyone is seen trying some or the other antics in order to be able to watch the much waited movie ‘Kabali’. BIG FM, India’s largest and India’s number one radio station is no less when it comes to show their love for their superstar Rajnikanth. The radio station team recently shot a video which showcases them requesting foe a leave on 22 July 2016 as it is a big day for everyone. The video shot in Tamil, titled “How to apply leave for ‘Kabali’” uploaded around 24 hours ago, is trending on social media with 720 thousand views and more than 20 thousand shares.

The entire video has been shot with a fun element. From RJs, to show producers everyone is seen coming up with some reason which can help them take a day’s off. However, all their ideas go futile as they are provided with proper solutions which leave them thinking for more strong reasons. By the end of the video, a guy goes straight up and declares no matter what, they re on leave on 22 July 2016 as they can’t wait to watch their Rajnikanth on big screen and they can’t wait to watch ‘Kabali’.

Watch the video as the entire drama unfolds and get going for ‘Kabali’: