| 18 Oct 2021
Anuraag Pandey awarded best RJ at Business and Entertainment Global Award

MUMBAI: RJ Anuraag Pandey, who is famous for his show 'Picture Pandey' has once again grabbed the trophy of 'Best Radio Jockey' at KAF Business and Entertainment Global Awards.

Anuraag Pandey Interview.

Thanking his fans, Anuraag Pandey said, "I am more than happy to achieve this award. The feeling is out of this world and I would like to thank everyone. Its their love and blessings that has helped me achieve this award."

He further added, "You do a lot of hard work in your life without expecting anything in return. But, at the end of the day when you get recognition for your work, it feels good and boosts you to deliver more to the audience," added Picture Pandey.

The veteran RJ also shared his happiness on social media through his Facebook account.

The Fourth KAF Business and Entertainment Global Award ceremony was presented by the KAF group in association with Royal Heritage Group at a function held at the Lokhandwala Complex in Mumbai.