| 27 Jun 2022
'Girl next door' RJ Anjana spikes up Chennai's mid-mornings

MUMBAI: A week ago, team reported about Radio City Chennai unveiling its new RJ - Anjana. We had also assured that we would be back with more details on this show titled 'Mid-Morning show with RJ Anjana.' Thus, keeping with our promise, we bring more information about the show.  

The three-hour show that first aired on 23 May 2016 exclusively caters to the Chennaiites. The show has various engaging segments like - What's Up Chennai, Jill City, Paarra, Matinee Masala and Pesunga Makkale.

What’s Up Chennai features some of the ongoing non-political and top trending stories of the city. 

Jill City segment gives the listeners tips and tricks on how to de-stress and chill out despite having a hectic schedule.

Paarra offers an overview of high streets that have become landmarks for Chennai.

Matinee Masala, as the name suggests, will bring to the listeners updates from the world of celebrities and cinema. 

Pesunga Makkale is a segment where RJ Anjana engages with the listeners on a new topic everyday. 

As reported earlier, Anjana is seen at her quirky and chirpy best on the show that airs from 11 am to 2 pm everyday. 

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