| 05 Dec 2021
Drought Affected Maharashtra gets a helping hand with Radio City's 'Jal Hai Toh Kal Hai' initiative

MUMBAI: Radio City has joined hands with Dalmandai Foundation for their Jal Ha Toh Kal Hai campaign. The initiative aims at lending a helping hand to drought-struck regions of Maharashtra by donating water via tankers. Radio City has provided a platform via the initiative, where people can donate money for this noble cause through cheques, internet banking and demand drafts.

Keeping in line with the spirit of the recently launched Rag Rag Mein Daude City campaign, Radio City has pledged to help drought-hit villages and farmers by encouraging their listeners to donate money for this cause. Radio City visited Sri Krishna wadi of Deolgaon siddhi which is one of the many adversely hit drought areas with residents getting water supply once in days and bathingonce in a month to save water. Radio City filled the ponds, tankers and wells. The station has managed to collect money and donate more than 35 lakh litres of water to 85 villages and 15 forests in Ahmednagar. Tankers holding a total of 13 thousand litres of water were sent across to relieve drought hit regions.

Speaking about the initiative, Radio City CEO Abraham Thomas said, "Jal Hai Toh Kal Hai is an endeavour to use our platform to highlight the plight of the farmers in Maharashtra, reeling under the onslaught of drought to our listeners and give them an opportunity to help in this cause. We are overwhelmed with the response garnered from our listeners who generously contributed more than 35 Lakh litres of water. This is yet another Rag Rag Mein Daude City Initiative."

On 25 May 2016, RJ Archana of Radio City Mumbai’s famous morning show Kasa Kai Mumbai with Salil and Archana along with her team visited Ahmednagar with the water tankers and spent the whole day with the farmers and their families to understand their struggle with acquiring of water. While the Radio City initiative has been successful in providing water to them, the farmers were a real life example of ‘simple living and high thinking’. They were happy to share an authentic homemade Maharashtrian meal with the Radio City team and packed organic ‘aambalonche’ (mango pickle) for the entire team. The farmers’ families participated in dancing with the RJ and even challenging her to carry a number of ‘matkas’ full of water on her head. They were also very touched when they listened to the audio messages of Radio City listeners to boost their morale and to show them that they mattered. This warm experience was relayed live on FACEBOOK LIVE and was also recorded and shared with listeners on-air in a bid to create awareness of the hardships Maharashtra’s farmers. Through this initiative, Radio City aims to extend a feeling of belongingness, and applaud the efforts of farmers which in turn benefit the entire country.

“The old adage ‘water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink’ is actually true in today’s day and age. The situation due to drought is indeed dire and it is time that India as a whole stepped up and help provide solution”, opined Pawan Gandhi volunteer for Better India and Dalmandai Foundation, who partnered with Radio City in order to bring forth this initiative.