| 30 May 2023
Big FM launches awareness campaign 'Bano Fool Proof' on Fool's Day

MUMBAI: This April Fool's day 92.7 Big FM says 'BanoFoolProof' as the station embarks on an initiative to empower and educate consumers with constructive information on day-to-day life activities, situations where one gets fooled unknowingly.

Most people are not familiar about their consumer rights. Several times they are victims to marketing tricks and face losses. Here is where Big FM steps in with its ‘BanoFoolproof’ initiative.

RJs from BIG FM are carrying out this operation by connecting with listeners by asking them to share their personal experiences ‘jahan wo fool ban gaye.’ It can be anything such as online frauds, bus conductor taking money but not handing over a ticket, or a salesperson selling a poor quality product than the one promised. The show is meant for those listeners and callers whose problems can be selected prior and accordingly experts can be connected directly and instantly to the caller and make them ‘Fool Proof’ forever.

“BanoFoolProof is a special campaign that will be run on all stations of the Big FM network, in association with consumer body Mumbai Grahak Panchayat. "On air, we will be leading informative content on being foolproof in some of our day-to-day activities while experts will be giving tips to become foolproof,’’ says RJ Siddharth from Big FM.