| 02 Dec 2021
'Radio makes consumer the hero': Radio City CEO Abraham Thomas

MUMBAI: Radio City recently launched a specialised creative client solutions agency- ‘AudaCITY’ - one stop shop for all the creative and whacky solutions that a brand would need, to be heard in the cacophony of the marketplace.

The radio station’s definition of ‘AudaCITY’ is a representation of audacious ideas and out of the box executions that promise to take radio creativity to a whole new level. 

To understand the concept better, contacted Radio City CEO Abraham Thomas. Explaining the concept, he said: “This is a dedicated in-house creative unit that we’ve created. It’s time to take client solutions and brand solutions to another level with AudaCITY. We started with making jingles and ads for clients. Now we are integrating it with content. The time is right to get to the next level of integrations and brand solutions.

“This is also what brands are looking at. We’ve noticed that mainstream agencies take TV audio versions and put them on the radio because they don’t think of radio as a medium. That is why we have put a group of people, who understand radio together in the form of ‘AudaCITY’. They understand the theatre of the mind. This is what helps them come up with solutions for brands.”

Standard ideas led to the creation of ‘AudaCITY’ according to Thomas. “We kind of got stuck at a point. The ideas were getting repeated. So we thought of offering something new to the clients,” averred the CEO.

Thomas further feels that radio can present brands in a very different manner. Where TV ads showcase brands as the hero, radio with its integrated content makes the consumer the hero. Moreover, a brand can be presented in a more informative and entertaining manner.

“Radio has the potential. TV and newspaper are limited by their definition. Radio is live and local and hence, the opportunity of an ad being integrated is high. And it needs to be done right. It can’t be too much in the face,” explained Thomas.