| 17 Jun 2024 gives a shout-out to all ingenious individuals!

MUMBAI: India's largest web radio station, never ceases to surprise its listeners! Radio City Freedom, the country's first ever indie-pendent music station has gone a step ahead from just promoting independent music, artists and bands. The web-station has kick started 'Open Mic', a one of a kind platform on the radio medium! It is here where talented individuals have the chance to shine bright and carve a name for themselves!

Open Mic is a live show where individuals, who believe their talent is unnoticed and not given due recognition, is given an opportunity to perform in front of an audience. It is here where the untapped talent gets to see light of day. Taking this in to consideration, calls independent artists from the field of poetry, story-telling and spoken word artists, to make the web radio station as their platform to glory! Every fortnight on Friday at 4pm, budding artists can come forward and make themselves heard exclusively on Radio City Freedom on!

With an objective of giving listeners a chance to promote themselves irrespective of their language and location, Open Mic on Radio City Freedom hopes to strike a chord with listeners across the globe! With the idea of bringing and promoting non-music indie content on radio, Open Mic is poised to be one of the platforms which numerous talented individuals can look up to!

Commenting on the new initiative, IP Singh, lead vocalist of Faridkot says, "Open Mic by Radio City Freedom is a great idea!! I think the most important step towards following your dreams are to share them and this is the perfect platform to do that. To hear new voices, bringing fresh thoughts to the fore and letting the world know what various talented artists have to say, is what sets Open Mic apart. Through this initiative, I would like to wish Radio City all the best. Let art conquer."

Everyone loves listening and dancing to their own personal song playlist. That option of personalization of a playlist is exactly what is being offered by! The web radio station has created a microsite where listeners across the globe, can pick and choose the songs to be a part of their playlist. The fun doesn't just end at selecting the songs, every Friday between 3 pm- 4 pm, the station will play a selected listener's playlist on Radio City Dance! So, one lucky listener gets all the web-radio listeners to dance to his or her tunes!