| 18 Jun 2024
Xaxis launches Xaxis Radio, a programmatic audio advertising solution, in Apac

MUMBAI: Xaxis, the world’s largest programmatic media and audience platform, announced today the launch of Xaxis Radio, a programmatic buying product new to the APAC region. Through Xaxis Radio, advertisers can execute at-scale digital radio buys across inventory from more than 90 local broadcasters and top-tier Internet radio pure-players, including MediaCorp, Astro and iRadio networks.

Xaxis partnered with digital audio companies Triton Digital and AdsWizz for the APAC region. The new product is integrated with Turbine, Xaxis’ industry leading data management platform (DMP), enabling advertisers to incorporate online and mobile radio buys within their overall digital media campaigns

“Consumption of audio content, particularly music, is becoming more mobile as audio streaming sees exponential growth,” said Xaxis APAC vice president of products & strategy Rohan Philips, “By combining unparalleled inventory reach with the real-time segmentation capabilities of our Turbine DMP, Xaxis Radio helps brands reach listeners with relevant and customized ads wherever they are listening to digital radio. This provides brands the ability to activate audiences across radio in coordination with their digital media strategy.”

With Xaxis Radio, advertisers can reach their target audiences in situations where visual advertising wouldn’t be suitable including such ‘ultramobile activities’ as driving, walking and exercising. It also enables marketers to extend their terrestrial radio plan to encompass the vast digital radio audience. Xaxis Radio campaigns can target audiences by Turbine data, radio content, or daypart.

At launch, Xaxis Radio will be available in Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia.