| 24 Feb 2024
Jamia FM provides yeoman service during Delhi encounters

MUMBAI: Community radio station Jamia 90.4 FM played an important role in maintaining harmony in a tense atmosphere during the terrorist encounters in Delhi on 19 September.

This community radio station, started in 2005, is run by the AJK Mass Communication Research Centre of Jamia Millia Islamia University. The station turned out to be one of the reasons why the university adjoining the area remained completely peaceful and the Friday prayers were peacefully carried out inspite of the chaos that happened next door.

The radio station started airing information about the happenings around noon with its volunteers sent out to monitor the happenings in the area. The radio station came into action from 12 pm and continued to carry the updates till 5 pm.

There was a lot of chaos after the encounter. Many rumors and other talks had scared the common people. People who were on field tried to calm the audience but, they were barely listening. We had the advantage of the community radio and we wanted to make the maximum use of it. College students were our prime target as it is very difficult to calm down college rumors,... says Radio Jamia in-charge Dr G R Syed.

The radio station had stopped airing the regular recorded programs and aired updates even about the various road block and transportation problems that existed in specific area.

Its anchor Arfa, a PhD scholar in political science, said, From time to time these anti-social forces try to create disruption in our society. We need to be united and fight these forces. What happened here today is not related to any religion or creed. We want to tell you that this issue is between police and anti-social elements. Dear listener, you should stay indoors at this hour."

The radio station could maintain some peace amongst its listeners till its 10 km diameter.