| 23 Feb 2024
Vividh Bharati Kolkata starts beaming on FM

NEW DELHI: Vividh Bharati Kolkata is now also available on FM, and is thus available on car stereos and mobiles. This follows the inauguration of a 10 KW FM Transmitter for Vividh Bharati Service of AIR Kolkata on 26 December.

With this Akashvani has moved ahead in its bit to go online with its services.

AIR Director General F Sheheryar said through Akashvani Twitter, "Vividhbharati in Kolkata penetrates into mobile handsets and car stereos too. FM xtr inaugurated."

"These days the youth are listening to everything on the internet. If Vividh Bharati goes online then listeners from California to Vancouver will be able to listen to it. We are currently conducting an experiment in this regard," Prasar Bharati CEO Jawhar Sircar said at the inaugural function of Vividh Bharati Kolkata on FM.

Sircar, on Broadcasting Day, promised to bring Vividh Bharati on FM. In October, it was revealed that the Vividh Bharati channel of All India Radio will be available in four metros- Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata on FM transmitters. At the time, AIR was awaiting the WPC clearance from the Department of Telecom for transmitting this AM channel on the FM mode.

'Jaimala', 'Hawamahal', 'Inse Miliye', 'Sangeet Sarita', 'Bhoole Bisre Geet', 'Chitralok', 'Chhayageet' are a few of the many popular programmes by the network. Since 2008, Vividh Bharati programmes have been available on DTH, making Vividh Bharati a 24-hour popular musical channel.