| 28 May 2024
9XM dons a new look with large and uncluttered display

MUMBAI: Music channel 9XM has got a new look- a large video screen display on the channel, along with enhanced audio quality for viewers. The new look has been made available to its viewers from 20 May.

Speaking with, 9XM programming head Sunder Venkatraman confirmed the look. He said, "We are the market leader, so there is a constant need to venture into new things. We actually wanted to do something that is new on television. It was an innovate step for us to provide viewers with a bigger canvas." The new look is termed as 'The best Bollywood music viewing experience on the Television’, he emphasised.

The channel claims that the colour of the channel will be brighter, bolder and livelier to capture the vibrancy of Bollywood. "The look will also provide uncluttered and clean screens for viewers to enjoy their Bollywood music and full screen animations," stressed Venkatraman.

This could be a good option for many viewers who watch shows on bigger television sets. 9XM team has been working on this technique for a month. The channel is running the promo on the new look through their animated characters.

Venkatraman added, "Our viewers are youth and they have a short attention span, so we constantly have to innovate to keep audiences interested. It is our constant effort to do new things every now and then. We stumble upon new things and we make an effort to develop these effectively." This change will not affect their advertising pattern, but is aimed at enchanting viewer experience.

The 2007 launched channel is promoting their new look on their Facebook page, which has more than 5.8 million likes and on the Twitter account which has more than a lakh followers.