| 22 May 2024
9XO presents 9XO Fan Wars: Let the battle for favourite artists begin

Every celebrity enjoys a huge fan following on Social Media. From Beliebers to Selenators, from Beyonce Bey Hive to RihannaNavy. These fan armies empowers the celebrities making their songs top the music charts across the world. Basis this concept of fan armies, international music channel 9XO has created a unique show titled 9XO Fan Wars.

Starting 13 September 2017, 9XO Fan Wars will be aired on the Channel every Wednesday at 5 pm. The first episode of 9XO Fan Wars was held between the fans of Katy Perry (Katy Cats) and the fans of Taylor Swift (Swifties). This episode resonated well among the viewers and the fan armies, across digital platforms.

Speaking of the new show, 9XO, Programming Head of 9XO, Clyde D’Souza, said, “9XO Fan Wars is yet another innovation by the Channel for the dedicated fan clubs of popular artists across the world.

We wanted to give these hyperactive fans a platform to declare their love and affection towards their favourite artists and battle it out on social media. 9XO Fan Wars also allows the fans to get their comments featured in real time on the Channel. The show connects the fans and let them join in conversations with other fans. The 9XO Fan Wars battle is held through a live poll on Facebook and the winners of 9XO Fan Wars are declared on air in real time,"adds Clyde.

9XO Fan Wars will be promoted across digital and social media platforms. The upcoming line up includes Beliebers versus Selenators, Beyonce Bey Hive versus Rihanna Navy and many more.

So do join in the battle every Wednesday at 5pm on 9XO Fan Wars and get your favourite celebrity top the charts on 9XO.