| 17 Jun 2024
Music instruments now available with premium warranty

MUMBAI:, a direct online retailer for musical instruments and pro audio gear, is providing customers with warranty support plans.

The premium warranty aims to raise the bar on product support, by providing customers a consistent and one-stop warranty support experience.

The premium warranty includes notable features like a dedicated Premium Service Support line, an in-house service centre staffed by dedicated product engineers, and free product pick and drop. The plan also includes a free replacement, if the product cannot be serviced.

Speaking about the warranty, Bajaao CEO Suman Singh said in a statement: "Given the high average order value of music instruments and pro music gears, but a lack of easy access to service centres, servicing has become a major headache for customers.

"With this exclusive premium warranty option, our customers can now choose their favourite instrument or sound gear without worrying about how to handle potential after-sales service, repair, or product replacement for up to two years."

The Bajaao Premium Warranty can be bought for either one year or two years, but only during product purchase. The warranty extends from the date of purchase of the instrument or gear, along with the manufacturer's warranty.

(Source: IANS)