| 03 Dec 2022
Blackbird Studio and VEVA Sound announce a co-venture in the name of music preservation

MUMBAI: Blackbird Studio is proud to announce the arrival of VEVA Sound, LLC to their studio facility located in the village of Berry Hill, Nashville, TN. VEVA Sound, formerly BMS/Chace, is well known for its years of media restoration, technical processes, and archival transfer facility services. This co-venture is a great match that allows clients to move easily from the technical transfer facility to the studio environment for playbacks, overdubs, remixes, project-preparations for mastering, and a number of other in-house production opportunities.

On the collaboration, Blackbird Studio manager, Rolff Zwiep, mentioned, “This plan has been developing for some time and we are glad to make this announcement. We are excited about the future of this venture.”

VEVA Sound’s executive vice president, Deborah Fairchild, says, “VEVA Sound is thrilled to join forces with Blackbird Studio. Together we will continue to preserve the legendary catalogs from artists around the world with the level of detail and expertise they deserve.”

VEVA Sound was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Nashville, TN, with offices in New York, Los Angeles, and London. For 16 years VEVA Sound has worked to define, create, and implement the standards for how sound recordings are preserved and monetized. Through partnerships with The Recording Academy Producers & Engineers Wing®, The Library of Congress, DDEX, NDSA, and NDIP, they are actively at the forefront of creating technologies that allow their clients to identify and properly credit their music collections, whether they are legacy recordings stored on analog to digital tape or current born digital projects.

Combined, each company has every piece of legacy tape equipment to accommodate the transfer of all recorded formats for any artist. Transfers at this facility will not only have the best equipment and engineers, but they will also be housed within VEVA Sound’s state of the art platform. This platform allows these artists to monetize their content with a click of a button, everything at their fingertips. All metadata will be available to export via DDEX’s RIN message.