| 18 Jun 2024
"Differentiation" is the aim we have set for ourselves: Siddharth Kasyap on SK Music Works

Multi - talented musician cum Entrepreneur Siddharth Kasyap has marked a remarkable place with SK Music Works- a label owned by him that is known to provide a platform for Independent artists to showcase their best of work.

SK Music Works is not just a YouTube channel that releases music videos but they also have planned a successful roadmap of an artist with the organization. Releasing songs - Abr-E-Karam, Ishqbaazi, Dil Awaara the platform appreciates efforts of not just the actors in the video but also the behind the scene voices (lyricist, composers, directors) who contribute effectively.

To learn more about the label we spoke to Siddharth Kasyap who shared his perspective on the music that's being created today and what SK Music Works has to offer.

Please express your thoughts and journey about the music space in India.

I have always been passionate about my music and I recorded my first song when I was 16 years old. I am a chemical engineer and I used to look after our family business.

But I continued learning music too, in 2012 I observed newer ways of expressing things had started to launch. But still there was no business model for emerging companies to mark their presence as mainstream companies used to have liability and content catalogs to cater to the audience. With a catalog they used to monetize very well. But for a new company back then it took a lot of time

After 2016-2017 I could sense the Independent music space evolving and slowly capturing the attention of the crowd. With respect to Opportunities- thanks to music platforms like YouTube who empower musicians, artists who can express their talent. Comparatively now I feel music is getting diversified, exposure has increased so we are consuming content across generations.

How is SK Music performing so far and what does the roadmap look like?

This year has been good for us. Slowly we have scaled ourselves and had touched three and a half lakh subscribers during lockdown. We started a bit late, dua karo was the first song but then we maintained consistency. Our songs are different from each other, that's the separator.”Differentiation" is the aim we have set for ourselves. We do not repeat the sound in the next song.

How will SK Music Works be grooming artists to be market ready?

We are one of the only companies to have appointed a vocal trainer to get the musicians groomed. Overall I mentor them.

What is your dream collaboration?

To do a collaboration with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is my dream project.

Who among musicians do you like in the current scenario?

I do appreciate brother-sister siblings- Neha Kakkar and Tony Kakkar. They have explored a lot in the industry. Moreover I do also like Amit Trivedi for his experience and music.

Future plans.

We will be releasing one song every month.We have recorded a song with Mohit Chauhan, Shakeel Azami has written the song. That we will be releasing soon. On the channel we are starting a new property Playroom' - finest rehearsal hall in Mumbai Wherein a lot of bands,artists can rehearse. We would be exploring alternate music there, we will be promoting bands, musicians there too.