| 21 Apr 2024
95 Mirchi gives this Friendship Day a musical twist on Bangalore streets

MUMBAI: Mirchi, India’s no. 1 city-centric music and entertainment company, celebrated Friendship Day by hosting a memorable jam session led by 95 Mirchi’s RJs for the people of Bangalore. The RJs who were dressed in shades of red referred to themselves as the ‘Friendship Band’, found and forged friendships with citizens. The RJs entertained the audiences, sang for them as well as danced with them to the tunes of popular songs from Bollywood music throughout the day.

For this special celebration 95 Mirchi’s RJs - Jimmy, Sarah, Ridhi, Milind – along with the 95 Mirchi team reached Church Street Bangalore. Initiating this celebration, RJ Jimmy, Ridhi and, Milindwalked up to a stranger on the street asking them if they would like to have a friendship band, taking a cue from the individual’s reaction, all RJs came together and started their musical performance. This impromptu jam session caught everybody’s attention on the street leaving them surprised and with a smile on their faces. The public not only enjoyed the RJs performances but also joined them by singing and dancing along, celebrating the true spirit of friendship. Mirchi held multiple sessions for a total of two hours non-stop.

Speaking about his experience, RJ Jimmy said, “While Mirchi has regularly hosted vox pops on the street, this was the first time us singing together and it was very exciting to do this with the entire team.”

RJ Ridhi, who is an absolute prankster, said, “Catching people off guard and watching them grin was our aim behind this activity and we are so glad we achieved just it.”

Mirchi’s newest RJ on the block RJ Milind said, “It was the first time I did something so crazy, and I am told this is the first of many.”

Commenting on this unique celebration, M N Hussain (Business Director- AP, Telangana & Karnataka- ENIL) said, “We as a brand love doing things differently – in the Mirchi style. Through our celebration, this Friendship Day, we are extremely happy that we were able to entertain and engage with our audiences in person, bringing about a smile on their faces. We have also captured this musical take on ‘friendship bands’ to connect with our audiences on social media and share such fun, heart-warming videos with them becoming a part of their friendship day celebration.”

Catch the videos from the ‘Mirchi Friendship Band’ only on @95mirchibengaluru, on Sunday, 7th August.