| 18 Jun 2024
Gaana joins hands with Sez on the Beat and his collective THE MVMNT to unify hip-hop forces in India

MUMBAI: With focus on offering the most diverse music experience to listeners, India’s largest music streaming app, Gaana has collaborated with India’s most influential hip-hop producer Sez on the Beat, & his high - power collective THE MVMNT to bring to the fore the pool of hip-hop talent across the country. The platform will be an extension to Gaana's 'Launchpad’ programme that aims at empowering emerging artists in India by giving them an opportunity to connect with music enthusiasts in a captive ecosystem. Piloted by Sez on the Beat, the app will also unveil a specially curated playlist highlighting the best and most promising music in Indian hip-hop. This will be supplemented with regular livestreams and jam sessions by young flag - bearing rappers belting out original music to keep the entertainment and novelty quotient high.

Commenting on the same, Prashan Agarwal, CEO, Gaana said, "Hip-hop is gradually emerging as a movement in India and the youth is banking on it as a powerful vehicle to communicate their thoughts with the rest of the world. We are doing our bit to make the genre mainstream by providing a 'stage' to rappers to showcase their work and music sensibilities. While you'd be surprised at the 'wealth' of talent that we house today, it is appalling to know that hip - hop artistes are still 'grinding' to sustain. We want to be more inclusive in our offerings and be the link between creators and enthusiasts and spur the course of this music revolution. We want to make hip - hop ubiquitously accepted and known in India and are certain that our combined efforts with Sez on the Beat & THE MVMNT will help us strike that goal."

The first livestream is scheduled for 28 January 2020, 9 PM onwards on the Gaana app. The maiden lineup for the livestream includes Sez on the Beat himself, along with Smoke, Aavrutti, Rawal x Bharg. Popular hip-hop artist Ikka will also make an appearance.

Check out the newly launched edition of the Gaana hip-hop playlist here: