| 22 Jun 2024
BIG FM takes significant strides towards emotional well-being with its ‘E-WELLNESS’ program for employees

MUMBAI: The last few months have been challenging for everyone due to the ongoing pandemic, affecting the lives of millions and pushing them to reorient on a personal and professional level. Taking cognizance of these challenging times, BIG FM launched the ‘E-Wellness’ initiative which focuses on addressing various aspects and topics related to the emotional well-being of its employees. As the world witnesses a myriad of changes which have compelled us to embrace the new normal, it has become vital for companies to bridge the gap between digital and physical worlds of the workforce. While professionally, the world transitioned towards working from their respective homes and taking the digital-first approach, personally it created a physical and social disconnect amongst people; thereby shedding light on the importance of emotional nurturing and well-being.

BIG FM, known for its ‘People First’ approach across all its endeavours, launched the ‘E-Wellness’ initiative to help the employees embrace the changing dynamics addressing the various emotional struggles and upheavals that an individual may experience during such trying times. Through this initiative, the radio network aims at creating a domain for open conversations across diverse functions around emotional health by drawing experiences from their personal lives. The sessions, which are conducted twice a week, are facilitated by experts and practitioners who share insights on varied topics. These sessions also incorporate professionals who share therapeutic methodologies ranging from emotional to physical wellness and healing therapies via theatre, dance, art, sound, fitness, nutrition, and others.

Speaking about the same, Archanaa Singh, Sr. VP, HR, BIG FM, said, “We at BIG FM firmly believe that enabling emotional wellbeing of workforce is as important as their professional upskilling. While we seamlessly moved to the ‘work from home’ model since the onset of lockdown, we also wanted to use the digital space to learn together and ensure the emotional wellness of our people amidst the ongoing crisis. We have always followed the ‘People First’ approach at our organisation and our ‘E-Wellness’ program embeds the same value. One of our hopes through this initiative is to recognize emotional wellness as one of the paths to self-awareness, growth and greater fulfilment in various fronts of our lives.”

BIG FM regularly conducts surveys for its employees on various topics to gather an understanding of their professional and emotional concerns. The findings of these surveys help the team in understanding the mindset of the employees better while also strategizing concepts for initiatives that help empower and inspire the workforce. With the onus to inform, educate and entertain, BIG FM continues to exemplify credibility, authenticity and purpose in each of its efforts.