| 19 Jun 2024
My vision is to share true unfiltered essence forming the heart and soul of Haryanvi culture to the world: R Productions Founder Sam Mor

R Productions, a Record Label and a Video Production Company that focuses on talented and hardworking artists was founded by Sam Mor in 2018. The company strongly believes in bringing out its rich music tastes by supporting good musicians and songs that derives the  Indian culture, especially Haryanvi music.

To know more about the company we have  Founder of R Productions who has given in-depth information. 

Check interview below.

Could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

I started this company in December 2018, in Melbourne intending to make people acquainted with essence and the beauty of Haryana’s culture that is -the ‘hookahs’, the ‘charpoys’, the ‘farmers’ and the ‘swaying paddy fields’ which forms the social-fabric of the society that holds people together. I have been living in Melbourne for the last 12 years but my roots remain attached to a small town Narwana, Haryana wherein I embodied the culture through all the experiences I witnessed and became the person I am today. These are some of my songs which portray Haryana's authentic culture, namely Gott and Kartoos. 

Moreover, I want bring a positive change in the perception of people of Haryana by helping them widen the perspective which is limited by cultural beliefs and present them with the vision and foresight to accept and discern the drastic changes happening in the environment without compromising with the unfiltered love and energetic spirits that delineates the heart and soul of Haryana’s culture. I have not confined myself within the cultural boundaries and have explored and created some modern blends like Bang Bang and Tabaahi, to add new elements to my artistic virtues with the help of my talented team of professionals, which currently comprises five members.

What does R Productions believe in?

We believe in collaborative and innovative work where our artists can thrive and reach their maximum potential for creativity. Working together with artists and create each content with love and passion that makes us one of the most loveable music label in Haryana. We also provide exposure on a vast international scale and provide funding for top publicists and have influential connections in broadcasting, media, and specialist advertising and PR. We are the first Haryanvi Music label to have one of India biggest music Group (Times Music) Mumbai as its distribution partner since 2019.

What has been your biggest challenge?

As I have been working in the entertainment industry for the last few years already in Melbourne organizing cultural events for Punjabi and Bollywood artists and bringing various culture together for the event was not that easy but same time always thinking that I have never seen any cultural event or artists from Haryana who came to perform outside India and that always gave me an unpleasant feeling because I believe that Haryana has a rich tradition of dances for various occasions (wedding, festivals, etc.) These dances come under one or another category.
We recently made it possible by bringing Haryanvi artists to perform on special occasions ( exp. Haryana Day ) all over Australia and introduce Haryanvi Culture to a Wider Audience.

It has always been a big challenge for R productions to vary consumers meets. We always try to give our best with every content we create, and each project has been loved by our audience.

What message you want to convey to the audience through R Productions?

I want to convey a simple message to everybody that Haryanvi People are not just good athletes or farmers. There are also great singers and great actors in Haryana as the Haryanvi Music industry is the fastest growing industry in India. Please support Haryanvi Music and subscribe R Productions Music Official Youtube Channel.

Hundreds of songs get a release every day in Haryana, and that number continues to rise. You can imagine how many bands and music artists exist — unfortunately, only a small number make it to the top. That’s because promoting an unknown artist is extremely difficult. As a label or management firm owner, you understand the feeling of promoting an artist from scratch. You listen to their music, you see their live show, and you see the potential in this act. Unfortunately, no one else agrees and you end up losing time and money on your marketing initiatives.

What has been your vision?

My vision is to share the true unfiltered essence forming the heart and soul of Haryanvi culture to the world. And make people understand what holds the core values of the culture intact, so that people can live and relive the emotions making the backbone Haryanvi tradition, as we see it today. I want to devote my life acting as a medium to connect with the people on a deep emotional level and to show them pure Haryanvi culture. We are currently working on a few new tracks and will be a new Genre for Haryanvi Industry and its audience and we are also working on a web series based on a true story of a man from Haryana.

Upcoming projects.

I am currently working on a full album which I am planning to release soon and bringing new and well established artists from the Haryanvi Music Industry together with a lot  surprises.