| 28 May 2024
Spotify's character-inspired Sacred Games playlists

MUMBAI: Whether or not you've watched the second season of Sacred Games, we've got something for you - three character-inspired playlists, based on Sartaj Singh, the Guruji, and the one and only Ganesh Gaitonde. If you're already done with the second season and waiting for the third (we all want one, don't we?), these Spotify playlists will keep you going and give you major character vibes; if you are watching it, or yet to watch it, here's the build-up - the perfect background score you needed!

What's on the playlists?

Sartaj Singh

Ever wondered what Sartaj listened to during all those sleepless nights (when he wasn’t busy saving the city, of course)? Spotify’s got a pretty good idea! Punjabi hits like Click Clack, Da Da Dasse and Divya Kumar’s Jee Karda were probably it, along with some mellow tunes to match his mood like A.R. Rahman’s Khoon Chala and Saali Khushi by Amit Trivedi.


An ode to the baap of all baaps, this playlist perfectly personifies the mysterious Guruji. Feel as high-and-mighty as him with tracks like Omkara, Aarambh and Live By The Gun. You can also get your rage on with Jalwa Re Jalwa, Sukhwinder Singh’s Gussa and more.

Ganesh Gaitonde

Nothing and no one can match the likes of Ganesh Gaitonde… except perhaps this Spotify playlist. From hip-hop tracks like Naezy’s Asal Hustle and Aafat Wapas to tracks that bring out your inner gangster like Dhan Te Nan, Goli and the all-time favourite Main Hoon Don, this playlist encapsulates Gaitonde’s terror and aspirations right down to a tee.