| 02 Mar 2024
Expect major overhaul, assures live music streaming app Streo founder

MUMBAI: Since its launch, Streo has gradually filled the vacuum that existed in the space of mobile apps that could stream music live from the venue. The long overdue effort generated early interest on the investment front, and the support extended to coverage in the press. Three months down, founder Arush Dhawan has found newer reasons to be content with the app’s journey so far.

“The app has received 28000 installs so far. And with 18000 active users, I feel the response has been pretty good. The average time spent on the app has been at least 10 minutes,” says Dhawan. But the roadmap set for the growth of Streo has created more excitement for Dhawan than the initial data and figures. “There have been pro-active inquiries from musicians and venues alike. And the list of associations for Streo will only increase in the coming months.”

Streo had earlier revealed three clubs from Goa (Curlie’s, Tito’s and Cape Town) and four popular live venues from Mumbai (Kitty Su, Social, Aer and Trilogy), but Dhawan claims the app has managed to expand its presence to venues in New Delhi and Gurgaon, while similar efforts would be executed in Bengaluru soon. “The idea is to explore places that the user aspires to go to – for its music. We have now associated with at least 25 venues in the first three months,” he says, emphasizing that associating with as many popular venues across the country till the end of the year as his primary objective.

Dhawan says the progressive interest towards live music created through the growth of active consumers would lead to adaptive measures for Streo. “Providing live video content from the venue is part of our roadmap, but right now, the focus continues to remain on the audio. We would like to associate with as many venues primarily, and then move forward accordingly.”

The pro-active enquiries for the app are not restricted only to the venues and artists, and Dhawan says that a few music festivals have approached for the app’s services. “I cannot reveal the names (yet), but the response to the app has certainly caught the attention of elements from all sections of the music industry.” With the start of the music festive season, Streo could not have found itself in a better place at a better time to expand and increase the user-base.

The extremely user-friendly app, run on a freemium model, lists out the upcoming events for the user. It also archives the missed events so that the user can explore the playlist. The app basically notifies the user about the live music events from the associated venues and musicians for the coming week, however, Dhawan says that the duration scale will extend. The Streo team hopes to revamp the app with subscription model and incorporate brand integration soon as natural evolution of any new ‘start-up’. With Aditya Gupta and Aakash Aurora led ‘Gems Advisory’ as the only investment support for the app, a confident Dhawan says that “the app is generating interest from the investor front as well.”