| 16 Jun 2024
4 YouTube music channels that will lead you to refreshing music

MUMBAI: The theme and essence of popular Pakistani (and Indian) music initiative Coke Studio cannot be repeated. But in the past few years, several YouTube channels have emerged in an attempt to provide platform to new age musicians with potential and refreshing content waiting to be heard. These YouTube channels, dedicated to music (and beyond), have not only promoted their music but acted as ideal outlets to fans and YouTubers craving for non-mainstream mediums with generic and tried-to-death formats.

Check out these five YouTube channels you may want to subscribe to for regular supply of pure music

1. Being Indian Music

Quietly creating a reputation in the YouTube universe, Being Indian Music – the music outlet of the popular social media group ‘Being Indian’ – uploaded its latest music video titled ‘Rastafari’ featuring Gul Panag and DEB. The promotion revolving around the single speaks volume about the channel’s purpose and seriousness to the cause i.e. music. With 147,058 subscribers amassed in four years so far, the channel has gradually transformed itself from ‘yet-another-music-channel’ to the ‘go-to’ channel for musicians and listeners alike.

2. Music Mojo/Kappa TV

Interested to discover emerging music from the south? This channel, probably, ends your search. Music Mojo played an instrumental role in the growth of several established music acts of today (for example – Thaikkudam Bridge) and its desire to reinvent itself on the music and branding front distinguishes itself from the other similar channels from the south (and possibly from India). The channel has at least 230,000 subscribers, and the number of videos that would have you sorted for an entire weekend.

3. Balcony TV

An international concept that settled quite successfully with Indian music, Balcony TV is not only music to your ears, but eyes as well. With scenic background and set-up, the initiative takes music to a different level with the entire amalgamation leads to a beautiful product and energy thanks to its concept. The Indian version of Balcony TV – similarly to other countries – acts as another outlet for alternative musicians to showcase their talent and creations.

4. Qyuki Music

With a strong roster of artists, Qyuki – the talent management entity – has helped create some of the finest music collaborations and original compositions since its inception. With Rahman one of the brains behind the idea, the company’s YouTube channel has relentlessly pushed new artists in unique ways. The channel has over 1k subscribers and the content has helped musicians’ careers in more ways than one.