| 22 Jun 2024
Share your beat with æMuzeitÆ, the new trending app

MUMBAI: In just three weeks; Muzeit has become the number one Music App in 18 countries and among the Top Ten music applications in 62 countries.

Muzeit is the new trendy App that connects users to their contacts’ music libraries through an inspirational, soothing and memorable experience. Muzeit allows users to preview and download their contacts’ music libraries if they are using an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, and soon available for other operating systems.

Finding friends’ music was never easier. Muzeit will scan user contacts to allow them to connect to those who have already downloaded the app. Once registration is complete, Muzeit will come up with the list of a user’s friends, their music count, the songs they have in common, and their complete list of downloaded songs. With a single click customers can listen to a preview of the song, and then download it, listen to it on Apple Music, share it, or send it to a friend already using Muzeit.

Sending a song to a friend, offers the option of also writing a message, so they can listen to the preview and reply. Users can then engage in a complete chat about the song or any other subject using Muzeit’s messenger.

The “News Feed” is just musical! Users will be able to listen in real-time to what friends are listening to or downloading. Once a contact plays a song from their own profile, it will show as playable in a user’s newsfeed. When contacts are downloading new songs, customers will be able to listen to their preview in real-time and then all the options become available: whether to download, listen on apple music, or send to other friends with personalized messages.

Muzeit will even recommend songs to download based on user’s tastes, and predict new favourites using a state of the art innovative intelligent system.