| 24 Feb 2024
MixRadio and Samsung India join hands for Indian market; more partnerships to come

MUMBAI: Music streaming service- MixRadio will soon reach millions of music fans through Samsung mobile devices in India. The two companies have signed a deal which will see Samsung devices pre-loaded with the free personalised music streaming service-MixRadio.

The first device to include the service will be the new Samsung Z3, which will also have other major apps on the new operating system- Tizen. MixRadio CMO Jonathan Dworkin, who re-joined MixRadio after a stint with Warner Music, said, “MixRadio is a truly mobile first music service and we have a deep understanding of how to deliver a great service to consumers on mobile. We are excited to be drawing on this experience to deliver the best possible streaming experience to music fans in India through our new partnership with Samsung.” The deal represents a significant move in India for MixRadio, which has already introduced over 20 million people in the region to music streaming.

Previously a part of mobile manufacturer- Nokia, MixRadio was acquired by Japanese firm- Line Corporation earlier this year, and is now working with Samsung. When asked about working with a third party, Dworkin said, “Obviously, it is different when you are working with a third party. But sometimes, it is easier to work with a third party than within your own company. The Samsung team is absolutely fantastic as they design incredible devices and their understanding on how powerful our products is, and when put together, the service is amazing. Samsung has been more welcoming than Nokia.”

He also complimented the “stunning job” Samsung’s team put in for the new operating system, Tizen. Commenting on MixRadio's Android presence, Dworkin said, “We have invested quite an amount in providing a good Android experience, and we are looking forward to incorporating that experience into other platforms as well.”

Dworkin stressed that the partnership with Samsung will be a new phase for MixRadio in India, with more to come in the future. He also revealed that MixRadio is looking at more partnerships in the space with operators, and will be charging forward with partnerships across platforms in this region.

MixRadio is also very serious about Indian content and the Indian market. Apart from India, the service enjoys good traction in other countries like in Malaysia, UAE, Russia and the US. Bollywood and South Indian music are two genres that see a great deal of consumption. After MixRadio partnered with Bollywood actress/singer Priyanka Chopra in 2014, Chopra helped generate worldwide interest and raised the profile of Indian music across MixRadio's International markets.

MixRadio’s catalogue, which spans 13 genres of Indian music including Bollywood, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi, Bengali, Oriya and Marathi, displays the efforts the service has put into catering to local markets. Dworkin added, “We have been working with local partners, labels and publishers, to put together content and it is real hard work.” Today, MixRadio has a catalogue of over 35 million tracks and is available in over 31 countries.

He explained that MixRadio will continue to engage with operators, globally, and are looking at opportunities to help both parties, while expanding the music service’s distribution.

The company “will take an organic approach” to market the service in India by partnering with various events and other activities. “It will continue to unfold over the next year,” Dworkin concluded.