| 03 Mar 2024
Enchanted Valley Carnival announces ticket prices starting from Rs 6,200

MUMBAI: The third edition of the Enchanted Valley Carnival, now co-owned by Universal Music Group and Twisted Entertainment, has revealed its ticket prices. The music festival expects to break its previous profit records as the ticket rates for the three-day long festival - starting 18 December, were announced.

The cheapest available ticket is for Rs 6,200 (exclusive of stay) whereas the most expensive one could cost fifteen times as much inclusive of stay.

The carnival allows people to camp throughout the festival in Enchanted Village. The fans have the options to buy regular or VIP tickets for three nights as well as four nights.

A single ticket holder - who gets access to the three days of the event - can buy their tickets for as low as Rs 6,200. Buying a VIP ticket for Rs 11,160, allows the fans better services like dedicated parking space, opportunity to attend after parties as well as access to the VIP lounge.

The ticket prices for ‘two man' for three nights camping is Rs. 15,390 and Rs 54,720 for regular and luxury tickets respectively. For four nights, the prices increase to Rs 17,955 and Rs. 63,840. Luxury tickets are an attraction considering the facilities provided include air conditioners, air beds, dedicated bathrooms and wooden chairs among others.

Similarly, the organisers have issued tickets for 'three man' camping costing in the range from Rs 23,085 to Rs 26,933. Luxury camps are not available for 'three man' type tickets.

Regular camping for 'four man' costs somewhere between Rs 30,780 and Rs 35,910; and luxury camping costs somewhere between Rs 82,080 and Rs 95,760 respectively.

The organisers will provide space to fans willing to set-up their own camps that matches their guidelines. The BYOT! (Bring Your Own Tent) ticket holders will have to pay Rs 5,130 for three nights and Rs 5,985 for a night more. These ticket holders would continue to enjoy the access to all facilities and services provided by Enchanted Valley for regular ticket holders.

EVC partners with Just Dial - an online ticketing partner of the fest along with multiple offline partners.