| 15 Jun 2024
Submerge Present the Rebrand Tour

MUMBAI: Submerge is bringing the number one DJ from South Africa, Protoculture, along with critically acclaimed Canadian DJ, composer and electronic music producer, Max Graham to India this December to tour their collaborative act ‘Rebrand’. The tour kicks off on the 12th at Club Royalty in Mumbai, and cities/venues for the remaining tour days are yet to be announced.

Producer and composer, Max Graham, is a multi-talented artist who has wowed club goers around the world and gained the respect of his peers with his diverse, but distinct, blend of dance music. Through incredible skills and his intense work ethic, Max has risen from humble beginnings to become a recognized phenomenon worldwide. With talents across the musical spectrum, Max is probably best known for his DJ skills. While the press has tried to pigeonhole him, Max’s sound remains indefinable. He has the rare and refreshing ability to combine pure house music with his own favourite tracks from an eclectic range of dance music genres including progressive, techno, trance, disco and more. Max’s trademark is a roller coaster ride of funky basslines, energetic rhythms and uplifting melodies. During this ride you are sure to hear a selection, of Max's own productions, which include over 30 original tracks and 20 plus remixes. Max’s rigorous work ethic and uncompromised love for music has afforded him the time to both tour the world weekly and have a prolific production career. As one of the new breed of DJ’s that transcends the current media created trends, he has secured himself an even brighter future.

Nate Raubenheimer, better known as ‘Protoculture’, started out his music career at the tender age of seven when he received his first electronic keyboard. He went on to discover jazz and classical music before becoming obsessed with synthesizers, computers and electronic music. His musical explorations have taken him through many different styles of music including breaks, house and electro. Armin van Buuren aptly once stated, in reference to Raubenheimer, that 'Everything he touches turns to musical gold'.