| 18 May 2024
Submerge partners with Ultra Worldwide for Nic Fanciulli

MUMBAI: Ultra Worldwide will soon set foot in India through ‘The Resistance: Around the World Tour with Nic Fanciulli’, which will be hosted in India by Submerge. This marks US based company- Ultra Worldwide’s debut in India.

The India gig is part of Nic Fanciulli’s 10-day world tour that is spread across multiple continents this spring. Fanciulli will play at blueFROG Mumbai on 8 April and will be open only to a limited number. The production will be mostly by blueFROG as it as an indoor gig. However, there will be some requirements from the Ultra’s management, which Submerge will meet.

Submerge co-founder Nikhil Chinapa said, “This initiative will be a watershed moment for dance music around the country.  Submerge’s association is not with Ultra Music but with Grammy nominated producer, Nic Fanciulli. It is the first time that the brand Ultra will be seen officially in India. But their further activity or expansion in the country would be a topic of discussion for another day.” He did not deny or accept any future association with Ultra Worldwide.

Earlier this year, the Resistance brand was introduced to the Ultra Music Festival. Chinapa said, “As a concept night it is a fantastic concept. There will be many festivals and venues that will take cue from this.”

However, the association with an international brand like Ultra Worldwide will not really push the brand Submerge to enter new territories outside India. “We have no plans to tap into the international market. The fact being, the Indian market is still largely untapped. Over the past few years, there have been the same numbers of people who have been going to dance music events and festivals,” stated Chinapa.

He further stated that for Submerge the main focus will continue to be developing and growing dance music in India. Chinapa said, “We do not have aspiration to go outside India when the scene in India is so vibrant and we are attracting so many international artistes.”

Chinapa hinted, albeit indirectly, that Submerge will be getting more artistes in 2015 as compared to last year. “2015 will be very interesting. We will chart new territories through the year. The Resistance is the first one this year.” He hopes growth will be seen for dance music in non-traditional cities.