| 20 Apr 2024
Vans New Wave Musicfest 2015 to hit Bengaluru for the Christmas weekend

MUMBAI: Christmas in Bengaluru will be struck by the Vans New Wave Musicfest 2015, organised by Ennui.bomb from the 25th to 27th December 2015. The second edition of the music festival aims to discover and showcase fresh talent in the Asian indie/punk space. Last year the festival took place in Goa and boasted of around 66 Indian and Asian acts. With about 35 acts this time, it is Bengaluru’s turn to experience the frenzy of the festival.

Vans New Wave Musicfest 2015 is a travelling festival that intends to spread across the nation, and is also aimed at bringing fresher and newer acts to the scene every year. The highlight of the event is the pricing, which organisers aim to keep easy on the pocket. Rishu Singh of Ennui.bomb said, “We are not aiming at getting in big names but new and fresh music is what we believe in. Our tickets are priced at very affordable rates as we want kids and younger college students to experience the fest and hear new music. The idea is not to make money of you, but to keep the live music vibe alive. Additionally, we want to take the fest to different cities. The prices would be around the range of last year’s prices.”

With a 20 per cent increase in the budget from last year, the event promises an amazing experience consisting of different performance arenas. The first day is an indoor club gig, which will then move into an open arena the next day comprising of the Vans Indie Stage and Vans Main Stage. The open arena will also have professional skateboarding events. “We have invested a lot of money in the festival, and promise a mind blowing experience. For any new music fest the goal is to at least break even for the first three years, and focus more on promoting the festival and see how it survives. Maybe by next year it will reach a stage where we can reap profits. Last year, we sold about 500 tickets and we hope that it gets better this time as there is considerable dependency on ticket sales,” Singh added.

Sponsorship, being an important part of the event, Ennui.bomb has roped in Vans as their title sponsor. A Vans led property definitely adds great value to an event focused on a young audience. For a brand like Vans that has a sizable number of stores in Bengaluru, it is good exposure and opportunity to connect with the youth. “Our title sponsor Vans has eased things out for us with their support. There is substantial investment by the brand. Vans is a perfect brand that understands and the vibe we want to create. We look at like-minded sponsors that relate with the concept and Vans brings about the cultural connect,” Singh said.

Last month, Ennui.bomb also announced a pre-gig tour covering seven cities starting at 3 Wise Monkeys in Mumbai. It featured performances by fresh indie acts ranging from hip-hop to punk to electronic. With an entertaining mix of new artists, the New Wave MusicFest assures nothing but fresh and youthful music.