| 22 Jun 2024
Casio and BOA 2016 get together for 'Wacken Metal Battle'

MUMBAI: Strengthening its positioning as a brand and creating an association with India's youth culture, Casio India Private Limited has taken another step in reaching out to the niche genre of heavy metal music lovers of the country. G-Shock has partnered with India's biggest Heavy Metal Festival, ‘Bangalore Open Air 2016’. This is Casio’s effort to take the metal music talent of the country at international level. To promote the best of metal music bands of the country and bring life to heavy metal genre, G-Shock has initiated ‘Wacken Metal Battle’ in collaboration with BOA 2016 in eight metro cities.

G-Shock Waken Metal Battle will reach out to the metal music loving community through eight thrilling pre gigs. The final leg of battle of the bands is scheduled for 8 July 2016 at Vapour, Bangalore. The grand concert day, will celebrate metal music with live performances by best international bands on 9 July 2016 and announcement of the Winner of the ‘Waken Metal Battle’ who will enjoy exciting prizes.

In its endeavor to hunt for the best of Metal Music Band of India, G-Shock Waken Metal Battle has travelled to heavy metal loving cities like Guwahati, Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune and Hyderabad. The shortlisted bands include Godia, Gaia’s Throne, Corpulent Deformity, Vidyut, Jammers Graveyard, Rectified Spirit, Godless and Kryptos. The winner of the battle will be titled as the “G-shock band of the year”.

G-Shock is extensively leveraging its association with ‘Bangalore Open Air 2016’ to create strong brand awareness and aggressively reach out to the young and energetic consumers. This year, BOA 2016 is only about to get louder and heavier featuring the best metal acts from all over the world including Polish Death/Thrash Metal band Vader, Swedish melodic metal group Soilwork, Canadian band Skull Fist and Egyptian American band, Nader Sadek along with Indian metal bands.