| 16 Jun 2024
Sensation premieres in India

MUMBAI: Sensation is coming to India on 6 of February! The World’s Leading Dance Event will bring an amazing show to Hyderabad where each guest will be a part of an unforgettable music experience. Acrobats, performers, DJs and tens of thousands of event goers will all contribute their part to this unique dance manifestation.

What started as a once-only event in 2000 has turned into an international phenomenon. During the years Sensation travelled through 33 nations. The event never creases to amaze, with an all white mandatory dress code, Sensation has united millions of people in the universal language of electronic music experiences.

This out of the world experience will be held at none other than the multipurpose athletic stadium situated in the Gachibowli suburb of Hyderabad. Since the event will attract massive crowd, its fortunate that the stadium has a capacity of 40,000 people approximately with a built up area of 14,850 m² (3.67 acres).

Just to explain the massive scale of the concept - A team of 30 engineers worked on the design and construction of the show for 5 months. The pyro design includes more than 70 positions from where the pyro will be shot. The show contains more than 800 LED lights, these lights are specially designed for the show and can be controlled individually. Sensation will travel with 10 containers from Amsterdam to India by road and water. The stage is a big carousel with flying horses. The carousel rotates three times per minute. The rotating top by itself weights 9 ton (kilo) and turns separately from the DJ booth, they can turn in opposite directions. The carousel contains 12 winches driven by computers. In these winches are hanging 8 dancers and 4 will hang in the arches. Sensation has a center stage, rather than a usual concert setup with an end stage, giving easy access to all fans.

Sensation will have more than 130 speakers and subs to give the crowd a best as possible sound experience throughout the venue. It takes over seven days to build the show with over 100 local crew support. Over 96 moving heads will be installed in between the decoration. The inflatable girls are made of 3000m2 of fabric. The arches are driven by a hydraulic system and will be controlled with a computer.

With an overall population of 9.5 million out of which at least 70 per cent being youth; Hyderabad is obviously one of the most coveted destinations for an event of this stature. No wonder Hyderabad has off late seen a spate of Dance music events headlined by artists like Blasterjaxx, Afrojack, W&W and Armin Van Buuren all thronged by adoring fans. Tourism in Hyderabad is also exploding with international and domestic traffic as the city beautifully blends in the traditional and the modern; Full of centuries-old Islamic royal monuments with great cuisine, bazaars and bridges, hills and lakes make for a beautiful tourist experience. Added to this is the fact that Hyderabad is well connected via a world class airport across domestic as well as international sectors. Hyderabad a city to reckon with and Sensation an event to remember.

India can expect to enjoy the ride of a lifetime in which Sensation takes you to the next level through unbelievable special effects and the groundbreaking stage design with numerous acts from both floor and in the air. This is something India has neither seen nor experienced ever! India, Are you ready? Sensation is coming!

“I congratulate Sensation – The World’s Leading Dance Event for choosing Hyderabad as their host city in India and welcome them to the state of Telangana. It is a reaffirmation of our positioning of Hyderabad as the major events /conventions destination in South Asia. This event will truly place Hyderabad on the international music and dance festivals map and will be a jewel in the crown for our Happening Hyderabad campaign. We look forward to hosting Sensation partygoers not only from different parts of India, but also all across the world,” said Telangana State, Minister for Panchayat Raj & IT, K T Rama Rao
‘’At the outset, I congratulate Sensation for having selected Hyderabad for hosting the World’s leading Dance event. I am extremely happy to welcome you here and feel proud to claim that now world over Hyderabad has been recognized as one of the leading metros in India for MICE destinations, and is on the fast track to becoming India’s Convention Capital. A major catalyst for Hyderabad’s growth is its unique location and interesting benefits for both MICE and leisure travellers who can enjoy the world class infrastructure and experience warm hospitality and culture. The city of Pearls has now been ranked as #2 on the global list of places to see in 2015, published in the annual guide of ‘Traveler’ magazine of National Geographic, said Telangana State, IAS, Secretary (Youth Advancement, Tourism & Culture) Department, B.Venkatesham.

“Already over five years ago our team visited India to explore different cities, venues and partners. We are extremely happy to finally have found the ideal combination in the beautiful city of Hyderabad, the impressive venue of the Gachibowli stadium and experienced local partner Voila Events. I hope the crowd will be pleased that they will be the first to see this Sensation show after its premiere in Amsterdam. I look forward to experience the feeling of unity with all of our Indian fans dressed in white,” said, Sensation International, ID&T, General Manager, Brenda Munsterman.Quote.

“Voila Events is delighted to bring Sensation – The World’s Leading Dance Event to Hyderabad. Our previous successes in the city with international artistes like Armin Van Buuren, Afrojack etc., has given us the confidence to pitch for a leading dance event like Sensation. With its brilliant stages, theatrical acts, cutting edge sound and light technology, pyrotechnics, special effects and the worlds' most famous DJs, I am sure that Sensation Hyderabad is going to be an event like none before,” said Voila Events partner and ceo, Vijay Amritraj.

Together with 10,000 hour, Sensation is inspiring dance-lovers to pay it forward. Anyone who bought a ticket for Sensation automatically donates €0,25 to 10,000 HOURS. Sensation doubles this donation to €0,50. With this contribution and the help of volunteers, Sensation and 10,000 hours are able to organise a special volunteer day. Over 75 children with special needs will get the ultimate Sensation experience: a day full of workshops ends in a Sensation-show that is specially organised for them.

Be part of the night, dress in white.