| 28 May 2024
Q3-2016: Shemaroo reports 16 percent growth in revenue, PAT up 27 percent

BENGALURU: Indian integrated media content house Shemaroo Entertainment Limited (Shemaroo) reported  15.7 percent higher  YoY consolidated Total Income from Operations (TIO) for the quarter ended December 31, 2015 (Q3-2016, current quarter) at Rs101 crore as compared to the Rs 87.28 crore in Q3-2015 and 8percent more than the Rs93.53 crore in Q2-2016.

Note: (1) 100,00,000 = 100 lakh = 10 million = 1 crore

(2) All numbers are consolidated unless stated otherwise.

Shemaroo’sconsolidated PAT for the current quarter improved 27.9 percent YoY to Rs 12.82 crore (12.7 percent margin) as compared to the Rs10.02crore (11.5 percent margin) and was 14.5 percent more as compared to the Rs 11.20 crore (12percent margin) in Q2-2016.

Shemaroo’sEBIDTA including other income at Rs26.92 crore (26.7percent margin) increased 32.9percent YoY as compared to the Rs20.26 crore (14.9 percent margin) and increased 11 percent QoQ fromRs 24.25 crore (25.9percent margin).

The company’s Total Expenditure (TE) in Q3-2016 at Rs 75.32 crore (74.6 percent of TIO) was 10 percent more YOY than the Rs 68.50 crore (78.5 percent of TIO) and was 6.3 percent more QoQ than Rs 70.86 crore (75.7 percent of TIO).

The company’s cost of Raw Materials consumed decreased60 percent in Q3-2016 toRs 54.39 crore (53.9 percent of TIO) as compared to Rs 135.93 crore (155.7 percent of TIO) and decreased 52.1 percent QoQ as compared to Rs 113.58 crore (121.3 percent of TIO).

Employee Benefit Expense (EBE) in Q3-2015 increased 5.2 percent YoY to Rs 5.48 crore (5.4 percent of TIO) as compared to Rs 5.21 crore (3.8 percent of TIO) and declined 8.8 percent QoQ as compared to Rs 6.01 crore (6.4 percent of TIO).

Basic and undiluted EPS (not annualised) forQ3-2016 wasRs4.72 , for Q2-2016 it was RsRs 4.12; in Q3-2015 EPS was Rs 4.60.

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