| 19 Jun 2024
Bhushan Kumar receives official certificate from Guinness World Records team

MUMBAI: Charting the milestone for emerging as the first YouTube channel to reach 100 million subscribers, India’s biggest music label T-Series’ chairman and managing director Bhushan Kumar was presented the official Guinness World Records certificate for its first-of-its-kind feat on the popular video sharing platform. Kumar received the honour from Guinness World Records adjudicator Rishi Nath at a function hosted in Mumbai today. 

A delighted Bhushan Kumar exclaimed, “We are extremely excited and humbled to have brought T-Series to this pinnacle and be bestowed a prestigious global benchmark of achievement and excellence such as the Guinness World Records. It is the collective effort of my team that has helped us reach this milestone. Now that it has actually happened, we only consider this a new beginning to go further and higher and capture new frontiers. I would like to thank each and everyone who supported us during this journey and helped me realise my father’s dream. I would like to thank my mother (Sudesh Kumari) for giving me her unconditional support in the initial days, when I was worried about how I would pull it off. I am also indebted to my uncle Krishan Kumar who stood like a rock with me in those years when I needed him the most.”

“I also want to thank Ved Chananaji who has been there for me from day one when I had doubts about absolutely anything. I want to thank Mukeshji for guiding me patiently when I was a novice in my starting years. Also, I want to thank Vinod Bhanushali for walking besides me and smoothly taking care of marketing and publishing initiatives all these years. I want to thank Neeraj Kalyan, who efficiently handles digital and the legal arm of the company and also walks shoulder to shoulder with me. I want to thank Shiv Chanana, who single handedly oversees the entire film production responsibilities and Young Turk Shivam, who silently works with proven results in the music and digital team,” he further thanked.

He had more names in the list, “I would also want to thank Hirenji who has been a great advisor whenever I have needed him the most, A. N. Saigal who has held my hand when I was taking baby steps in the business, Vijay Sachdeva for being the strongest support to me from the days of the cassettes till today. I also want to thank Kohliji, who laid down the foundation of a robust ANR department in our company. His guidance in my learning days remains invaluable.”

Kumar didn’t forget to thank his family. He said, “My wife Divya deserves special thanks for always being a pillar of strength in everything I do, my sisters Khushali and Tulsi for their unconditional love and support to their bhai.”

“This journey to the top would not have been possible without the unstinting and loyal support of my entire T-Series team, who is actually my extended family. For obvious reasons not all can be named here. I could go on and on and the space would not be enough. My T-Series team, my extended family has got the winning streak and it’s because of their passion that we have achieved so much success and reached this milestone of becoming first YouTube Channel to reach 100 million subscribers,” Bhushan Kumar said.

“I humbly accept the Guinness World Records certificate on behalf of the entire T-Series team, my extended family,” he further exclaimed.

Guinness World Records Rishi Nath adjudicator also said, “As an official adjudicator of Guinness World Records, I would like to congratulate T-Series (India) on their remarkable achievement of being the first YouTube channel to reach 100 million subscribers.” 

Bhushan Kumar, who has been leading the music and film company successfully, recently took T-Series brand a notch higher with international recognition coming home. Bhushan Kumar has placed the nation on the global map with this achievement where the entire country takes pride. 

A dominant player in the Indian entertainment industry, T-Series catapulted itself to the top slot with leading films, songs as well as singles (non-film music). Founded in January 2011, T-Series’ YouTube Channel, which has 29 sub-channels, is the most viewed channel for the last one-and-half years. Today, it also has the largest subscriber base in the world. This makes it the no. 1 YouTube Channel in the world. 

From making music to licensing and publishing content across several media platforms, T-Series is the destination to a vast variety of content. One conglomerate that looks after music production, music acquisitions, movie production to marketing and distribution, Bhushan Kumar has put India on the global map by taking the label to greater heights with its resounding digital success. 

Besides India, the T-Series’ audience base spans the UK, USA, Europe, UAE, Pakistan, Bangladesh, ASEAN, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries. 

We congratulate Bhushan Kumar and the entire team of T-Series for their noteworthy achievement.