| 03 Mar 2024
We would release 100 singles in 2019: Naushad Khan, Indie Music

MUMBAI: 2019 seems like a big year for Indie Music Label, known for its outstanding Independent music releases. “We are aiming to release 100 singles this 2019,” revealed Indie Music Label managing director Naushad Khan in an exclusive chat with Radioandmusic. The songs would release April onwards. Further, he elaborated on how the process would be carried on.

“We focus on creating original content. There are multiple singles lined up with great marketing strategies. Videos are being shot. Most of them would be independent musicians, there are a few Bollywood singers too who would be contributing,” said Naushad Khan.

When it comes to the selection process of singers, Khan mentioned, “We won’t have auditions as such. But, I receive mails from different new singers. We are also going out in the market and a lot of people are showcasing their work to us. This is an ongoing process. We would, therefore, see if we find potential in them and that’s how they would be selected. But, we are overwhelmed with the response received from across the country.”

He further mentioned on what the criteria would be to select these singers, “We will select on talent basis, which we feel will work for a particular genre of songs. We are in search and hunt for great talent in the country, who are many and we are there to support them.”

Naushad Khan is a big supporter of Indie music scene in our country. He had earlier helped Darshan Raval by introducing him the Indie music scene. “I would be the happiest even if I could introduce four to five Darshan Ravals to this country for next couple of years. I will achieve my dream. Honestly, I want to introduce a new Shreya Ghoshal, Sunidhi Chauhan, we need new singers in the country.”

On being asked, where do you see Indie music in the next five years, he said, “Indie music in mere one year is the most premium Independent music label in the country. In five years also we will be the biggest label for Independent artist. We are here to promote independent music. All these songs, which are releasing now, I am very confident, will go to Bollywood films.”

“These singers have confidence in them to make a good content. My entire fight and struggle is to support and make them grand,” he further added.

These days there are so many production houses who support their in-house artists. Speaking on this, Khan said, “These houses should come forward to support new talent. Big labels should also come ahead to have faith in this young potential talent and support them. Music should not be mixed with business, it has a soul to it.”

Lastly, Khan gave a message to all the viewers saying, “For great quality music and content, you should come to Indie Music Label.”

Indie Music Label had 40 singles releases last year. In 2019, they have 100 singles out of which 30 songs are already produced and shot, rest are in process.

Well, we give full credit to Naushad Khan for bringing Darshan Raval into limelight and we feel assured that there would be many who would become stars in the near future.