| 16 Jun 2024
Q1-17: Shemaroo reports 23 percent growth in revenue, PAT up 20 percent

BENGALURU: Indian integrated media content house Shemaroo Entertainment Limited (Shemaroo) reported  23.5 percent higher  y-o-y consolidated Total Income from Operations (TIO) for the quarter ended 30 June 2016 (Q1-17, current quarter) at Rs 95.87 crore as compared to the Rs 77.63 crore in Q2-16. However, TIO in the current quarter was 6.8 percent lower quarter-over-over (q-o-q) than the Rs 93.53 crore in Q4-16.

Shemaroo’s consolidated PAT for the current quarter improved 20.3 percent y-o-y to Rs 14.04 crore (14.6 percent margin) as compared to the Rs 11.67 crore (15 percent margin) but was 14.7 percent lower as compared to the Rs 16.46 crore (16 percent margin) in Q4-16.

Shemaroo’s EBIDTA including other income in the current quarter at Rs 30.14 crore (31.4 percent margin) increased 23 percent y-o-y from Rs 24.48 crore (31.5 percent margin), but declined 11.2 percent q-o-q from Rs 33.91 crore (33 percent margin).

Shemaroo’s wholetime director and CFO Hiren Gada, said, “It has been yet another quarter of consistent growth for us with the topline growing y-o-y and with healthy margins. Improving technology and infrastructure continues to contribute in scaling up our revenue from digital platforms. To maintain the momentum of upward trajectory in the business, we will look to further explore and monetize our content on various upcoming platforms.”

Let us look at the other numbers reported by Shemaroo

The company has two business divisions – New Media and Traditional media. Revenue from New Media business increased 50.3 percent y-o-y to Rs 20.14 crore from Rs 13.40 crore. Traditional Media revenue increased 16.7 percent y-o-y to Rs 74.96 crore from Rs 64.34 crore.

The company’s Total Expenditure (TE) in Q1-17 at Rs 67.13 crore (70 percent of TIO) was 23.2 percent more y-o-y than the Rs 54.50 crore (70.2 percent of TIO) but was 4.1 percent lower q-o-q than Rs 69.97 crore (68 percent of TIO).

The company’s cost of Raw Materials consumed decreased 37 percent y-o-y in Q1-17 to Rs 58.38 crore (60.9 percent of TIO) as compared to Rs 92.65 crore (119.3 percent of TIO) and decreased 3.9 percent q-o-q as compared to Rs 60.77 crore (59.1 percent of TIO).

Employee Benefit Expense (EBE) in Q1-17 increased 67.7 percent y-o-y to Rs 7.68 crore (8 percent of TIO) as compared to Rs 4.58 crore (5.9 percent of TIO) and increased 4.9 percent q-o-q as compared to Rs 7.32 crore (7.1 percent of TIO).

Basic and undiluted EPS (not annualised) for Q1-17 was Rs 5.17, for Q1-16 it was Rs 4.29; in Q4-2016 EPS was Rs 6.05.

Note: The unit of currency in this report is the Indian rupee - Rs (also conventionally represented by INR). The Indian numbering system or the Vedic numbering system has been used to denote money values. The basic conversion to the international norm would be:

(a) 100,00,000 = 100 lakh = 10,000,000 = 10 million = 1 crore.

(b) 10,000 lakh = 100 crore = 1 arab = 1 billion.