| 16 Jun 2024
T-Series conquers 10 million subscriber summit on YouTube

MUMBAI: T-Series has become the first Indian Digital Entertainment Czar on YouTube. After hitting one million subscribers in 2013, T-series has raced ahead to add nine million subscribers to its channel in just over two years, becoming the first South Asian channel to cross the magical 10 million subscriber mark. Cumulatively, T Series has gained more than 7.7 billion views on their channel and is arguably one of the most popular music channels in the world on YouTube.

T-Series was amongst the first in the music industry to embrace YouTube in 2011 to take its music global. Over the last five years, it has built a strong online presence and has made YouTube a strategic destination to drive consumption of music videos produced for films and TV to fulfill the appetite of viewers online. With the majority of its channel subscribers and views coming from outside of India, T-series is amongst the top channels on YouTube globally, with its audience base spread across USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Saudi Arabia and other SAARC nations.

Speaking on the occasion, T-Series managing director Bhushan Kumar said, "We have always endeavored to meet the consumer expectations by offering the content relevant to the times and that has been our main success mantra. In addition to rolling out hit film and independent music, we are actively promoting young talent and have proactively signed YouTube stars to record songs and albums for mainstream Bollywood. I dedicate this success to the spirit of relationship and camaraderie between T-Series and YouTube teams which have played a pivotal role to achieve this milestone."

Neeraj Kalyan, President of T-Series added, "We have spent the last few years in setting the right foundation in terms of content digitization, seamless discovery and delivery of our content to gain an edge over other players in the industry. I am proud of this achievement by the team which has been consistently managing content, consumption and engagement equilibrium in the digital ecosystem with the desired passion and commitment. We pioneered the concepts of Lyrical videos, Audio Jukeboxes, Bollywood Twisters, behind the scene videos, song making videos etc and these small innovations really helped us built a connect with our discerning consumers. The engagement on the social front and acknowledging our fans has helped built a strong network of loyal fans of T-Series."

Head of Music Partnerships for YouTube APAC, Tony Elison said, “This is a fantastic achievement and a proud moment for the Indian music Industry. T-Series has shown great leadership in adapting to the changes in music consumption globally. In the last five years, they have evolved their offerings consistently and have excelled in delivering content in multiple formats, catering to users across the board with curated content, creating music tentpoles, collaborating with YouTube stars, creating ‘made for web’ singles, and succeeding in all of them. We’re delighted to ship their well deserved Diamond Play button for YouTube creators with over 10 million subscribers, and look forward to working with T-series to hit new records in years to come.”

With a total of 16 channels on YouTube driving more than 30 billion views so far and 13.6 million total subscribers, the T-Series network today attracts approximately 41 million views per day. T-Series’ main channel is the biggest in the network, with 10M+ subscribers, with other major channels being Apna Punjab with 528k subscribers, and devotional channel Bhakti Sagar with 720K subscribers.