| 18 May 2024
My Music My Rights, Creators Connect Workshop In Association with Dolby, IPRS presents an insightful workshop at Mayor Hall, Mumbai.

MUMBAI: The Indian Performing Right Society Ltd. (IPRS), the representative body of authors, composers, and publishers of music dedicated to safeguarding their rights has recently launched a pan India campaign ‘My Music My Rights’ in association with Dolby India, to raise awareness on IP rights in the music industry and educate music creators and independent artists on the critical aspects of the music business and publishing. IPRS is conducting its next workshop in Mumbai as part of the My Music My Rights campaign, marking a significant milestone in its mission to support and empower music creators nationwide.

A recent EY study, 'The Music Creator Economy: The Rise of Music Publishing in India,' reveals that India generates 20,000 original songs annually. Despite this, financial challenges are common among creators. Among the 500 respondents surveyed, 87% wished to make a living solely from music, but only 60% achieved it. The majority felt the need to enhance their music production skills and improve monetization, while only 56% had the necessary equipment. India ranks 14th in recorded music revenues but 23rd in publishing revenues due to legal uncertainties and low compliance, highlighting the urgent need for intervention.

The "My Music, My Rights" campaign aims to address this gap by raising awareness and supporting music creators nationwide. The study notes that 33% of released music is regional, showcasing India's diverse musical landscape. However, challenges like accessibility, copyright awareness, and publishing rights impede artists' recognition and compensation. Through workshops, seminars, and other activities, both online and offline, the IPRS endeavours to empower creators to navigate industry intricacies effectively.

The event will witness engaging conversations with domain experts, networking opportunities with industry insiders and fellow creators, and priceless wisdom from leading artists and panelists Padmanabhan NS, Head of Artist and Label Partnership, Spotify India; Karan Grover, Senior Director- India, Middle East & Africa, Dolby Labs; Aayushman Sinha, Founder & CEO, Represent management; Atul Churamani, Managing Director, Turnkey Music & Publishing; Akhila Shankar, Director and Head, Tunecore and Raghav Meattle, Singer-Songwriter, Founder-First.wav. The event will showcase insightful sessions covering "The Art of Songwriting”. Attendees will get to know how to manage their rights and earn royalties to maximize their earnings in the session "Managing Rights and Royalties". They will get to elevate their music production skills with advanced techniques, focusing on Dolby Atmos technology in the session "Mixing Songs in Atmos”, and engage in a panel discussion moderated by IPRS, featuring insights from an independent artist, distributor, publisher, and festival manager on "Navigating the Music Industry as an Independent Artist."

Event Details

Event:  My Music My Rights | Creators Connect

Date: 20th March 2024

Time: 3 pm IST

Venue: Mayor Hall, Aterford Building, All India Institute of Local Government, Andheri West, 4000